Topic: Removing a Ban Manually from Database

I've got a user that was falsely banned via the Akismet plugin. However, the admin side won't remove the ban. When I click to remove it I just get a blank page. At first I just told him to make a new username, but then realized Akismet banned the IP too, so that doesn't help much!

So my question is, can anyone give me some advice, or better yet instructions, for how to remove the ban manually from the database? Of course, I could just poke around until I found it and delete it, but I feel that I should get some better advice first so that I don't create any bad side effects that break the site when I start deleting data from the database!

Any tips, large or small, would be appreciated!

Re: Removing a Ban Manually from Database

remove from table: bans
I've done that many times with no errors

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Re: Removing a Ban Manually from Database

Thanks, great to know. Sorry to post a question that should be so simple, but whenever directly editing a database I learned long ago to at least ask for some tips from someone familiar with the software first!!

I can also confirm now that I did this with no ill effects, so any future readers can know it really is as simple as it should be: just delete the row with the ban in question from your bans table.