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Topic: [ASK] Problem from "Portal by Daris"

Dear all,
I have problem with extension "portal by daris"
After installed, show like this (check below) :

1. Who Is Online
Problem : How to remove that error (on red circle)?

2. Recent Post
Problem : How to make the title on the left is seen as a whole?

I'm installed on PunBB v1.4.2
If you want direct check, klik here
Thanks before for any help smile

Note :

For line 539 :

function generate_avatar_markup($user_id, $avatar_type, $avatar_width, $avatar_height, $username = NULL, $drop_cache = FALSE)

For line 81 :

// Check the text is CAPSED

Re: [ASK] Problem from "Portal by Daris"

Same here as the other post, when you click that link "portal by daris", look at where it gets you, "

PunBB Forums → PunBB 1.3 extensions → [Release] Portal by Daris"

Re: [ASK] Problem from "Portal by Daris"

hey you can download it from here . hope your problem will be solved.

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