Topic: [Update] Save post as draft 1.0.4

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(License : WTFPL)

This is mostly a repackaging, with a minor correction to support PunBB 1.4.2, as it worked almost out of the box.

Reposting the initial release description :

This extension allows users to save a draft of their message when they can't post it right away. Very useful for the careful writers and wordsmiths among your users smile

When a user has at least one draft pending, a "Drafts" link will appear in the header, next to the links for "New posts", "Active topics" etc. This link will open the list of drafts, where the user can delete a draft (only one at a time) or resume writing his message.

Technical speak : a new table will be created for drafts, so as not to pollute the posts table. When a user is replying to a topic, if he saves a draft, the draft is bound to the topic the user wanted to reply to. If the user was creating a new topic, the draft will be bound to the forum the user wanted to post in. Drafts are saved *AFTER* bbcode validation, so as to simplify their display.

English and French language support included.

Re: [Update] Save post as draft 1.0.4

This is a great extension but it interferes with Pun Polls

See attached screen shot, it should not have a save as draft button on the poll when other members are viewing the poll and the topic is posted.

Re: [Update] Save post as draft 1.0.4

That cannot be edited out via css