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Topic: PunBB and 000webhost

Note- This page is unfinished. Try again later for all the content, not just what I have so far. I will use <temp save> if I want to save it and continue editing instead of leaving you hanging mid-sentence!
So, you want a forum. since you have came here, obviously you want the best of the forum software.
But perhaps a domain name or hosting provider is a challenge facing you?
I would suggest 000webhost for a provider. it is free and fully compatible with PunBB.
First, register. Click the Order Now button on the left table of features. You can go to co.cc to get a subdomain. Here's how to that:
go to http://co.cc. Click on create an account now. once you have registered with co.cc, login and do a search for your domain. get the domain, make sure it is free. WHEN PROMPTED FOR NAMESERVERS USE ns01.000webhost.com and ns02.000webhost.com !!! Then go back to http://www.000webhost.com/order.php and put the .co.cc domain that you registered instead of yourdomain.com. put in your username, e-mail, password, repeat password, and complete the captcha. Read the TOS. Check the box if you agree, and click create my account.
OR you can skip all the co.cc stuff and chose a free subdomain (recommended)
Now, wait a couple days for everything to be ready...
Download PunBB.
Save somewhere you can find it, and log in to http://members.000webhost.com
Click on Getting Started, and click on file manager. Modify default.php if you wish. Then click upload. On uploading Archives, click browse and select Punbb-1.4.2.zip or whatever you downloaded and click the check icon. Now for MySQL. Click on MySQL on the Control panel. Create a new user with whatever password, user, and table you want. Then click Create Database. Then open install.php from your browser and fill in the forms for MySQL by what it tells you after creating the database. DO NOT USE LOCALHOST. Ignore the prefix; leave it blank. Fill in your e-mail and username and other stuff, and your forum is set up! Now, you have to move some stuff. If you put the install location as yourdomain.co.cc/forums then move the folder punbb-1.4.2 to public_html . Then all the formatting will be sleek and shiny! Go to the Admin panel and start exploring, everything is self explanatory.

tl;dr: use 000webhost.com, co.cc, and punbb.org to set up a forum.

OK, now for adding some epic stuff to your forum.

EXTENTIONS: Extenstions add cool stuff to your forum, like stuff allowing users to give each other "reputation points." Here's how to add extenstions.
First, download an extenstion you want to upload.
Go to 000webhost.com, click members area, and login. Click Getting Started Information and click File manager. you may have to type your passcode. navigate to the Extenstions folder. Click Upload. Click the "Browse" button on the right if you have the extenstion Zip'd. Otherwise, click the button on the left. Navigate through your computer to find the extenstion, and UPLOAD! Then use the Extenstions section in the Admin Area of your forum and install it.

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Wow. Nice tutorial.

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thanks. I tried to sum it all up with a TL;DR, but you really need to read the whole thing.
Do you think I should add instructions using Dot.TK instead of co.cc?

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I do not recommand 00webhost. Its simply sucks.
If you can not pay for $0.50 per month for a better quality hosting, then search for free hosting offered by companies.
There are plenty offers in freehostingtalk forums or other like this.

Dont trust people who say it gives you unlimited disk space and bandwidth.
This are not real, you cant have unlimited.

co.cc or .tk are maybe for newby people, who dont know what a .com or .net is.
I assume you want to have a quality forums / site / blog yes? then never go for free "domains" - NEVER. google dont like them and your site will be on page 300 even if you have 10k visitors a day...

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here are some review, read them. 000webhost reviews