Topic: [Extension] Max Post View Guest

Name: Max Post View Guest
Description: Hide the guest post after seeing X number of posts
Author: Edson Ordaz
Version: 1.4
Language: English
PunBB Version: 1.4.*

Allows the administrator to set a maximum number of posts that guests can see an error message!
When a guest comes to the maximum number of post per day shows the message configured by the administrator.

To set the message must go to administration / settings / features / Topic and post features and information

*Extension transferred to PunBB of MyBB (which in MyBB was also created by me):




Re: [Extension] Max Post View Guest

Thanks for new extension smile.


Re: [Extension] Max Post View Guest

good extension.

Re: [Extension] Max Post View Guest

soo... it dont work for me why? i have to set 3 post see a day, but nothing happens, when im logout n open with other browser n then im try open 5 times & dont work.

sorry my BAD english T___T
Have a nice day >.<