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Topic: [Extension] show_user_location

This is a rather simple extension that adds the user's estimated location to their profile for administrators.  Unlike the ip_geolocation extension for 1.3 (seen here), this extension uses the GeoIP extension for PHP (which you must have installed), which relies on locally-stored data rather than any remote files.

The estimated location is always displayed immediately below the IP (since it's determined by the IP), so if you have other extensions that add information to the end of the "Private information" section, the location will be shown above those.

The location is based on registration IP, so it will remain constant for each user once they register.  If there is interest (and I have time), I can see about adding something to also use GeoIP to determine the location each post was made from.

Please note that GeoIP is not 100% accurate, which is why the extension uses the term "Estimated location"!  While it's quite accurate within the US, Canada, and Western Europe, it is less so in other countries and I have noted inconsistencies within US/CA/EU IPs, especially with regards to mobile devices.  That said, this extension should still be able to at least give you a general idea of where a given user is, particularly at the country level.


Download v1.1.1 (initial release, after security fix):
https://code.google.com/p/show-user-loc … cation.zip

P.S.: The sample user in the screenshot above was an old spammer account that hadn't been cleaned up yet; I figured this was a good example where I could show the IP without compromising a genuine user's identity tongue

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