Topic: I just can not handle this,,

Hello Everyone.
I have been using the PunBB for 3 years now. Presently version 1.3.2
Somehow last 2 years I am loaded continuously by spammers with many accounts and spam posting.
I started to use the Admin activate account, I have already over 5000 accounts waiting for activation.
I have every week about 200 posting from all over the world in thousands of chars and hundreds of http links, at the beginning I had fun deleting it all but now I am tired..
Tell me please,,, is there anyway to restrict the amount of chars to post? is there anyways to this invasion,, I just laugh calling this invasion, what else it is ?,, this automated pounding my website with thousands of accounts every month..
Thank you for response,,


Re: I just can not handle this,,

These addons can help:

Antispam System 1.3.4 Created by PunBB Development Team
Adds CAPTCHA to registration, login and guest posting forms. Puts restrictions on adding user signatures and website links.


Fancy Stop SPAM 1.3.53 Created by
Antispam system for PunBB 1.4

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Re: I just can not handle this,,

Yeah, you should update to the latest version and make a bunker big_smile.
But you mustn't use everything.