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Topic: Persian translation


i am newbie and i just like PunBB , i want to know is there any translation team such as Transifex.net for PunBB ?
i need Persian language but i couldn't find .


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Re: Persian translation

No, there is no Transifex. And also there is probably no Persian translation.
You can find language packs for the latest PunBB version in this forum:
http://punbb.informer.com/forums/forum/ … age-packs/
There is no such. More lang packs are for old 1.2 version, but there aren't any Persian translations too. Sorry. Could you create it for other?

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Re: Persian translation

i do my best to translate the latest version into Persian , but i am not in the mood , i can't concentrate on anything ,  It'll take time to translate , maybe not . recently i translated Kunena , Ninjaboard , Discussions and ccBoard for Joomla! and i think PunBB is great and light-weight Forum .

anyway thank you for your reply

Get Persian PunBB @ www.getpunbb.ir