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We need little helping with test our timezone detection script used in PunBB 1.4.
Please, visit and check detected timezone offset and report results in this topic.


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Re: Timezone test

I am living in Taiwan.
Timezone is +08:00.
It is correct.

Taiwan is a country.
I am sorry for my English.

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Re: Timezone test

I'm in Arizona,USA which is indeed -7.
And we never have DST!

It's correct.


Re: Timezone test

Timezone offset: +02:00
    DST: yes



Re: Timezone test

PunBB timezone test

    Timezone offset: +06:00
    DST: yes


Re: Timezone test

Timezone offset: +05:00
    DST: yes


Re: Timezone test

OK, Mr. Spammer. PunBB 1.4 was released, so I close the topic.
If you see a bug in this function (or in another), just report it in bugs report forum.