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Topic: Hide "Oxygen" choice for users [Solved]

It is possible to hide the choice of "oxygen" style to force the user to use the style I change? For removing completely the "oxygen" style there will be problem with the extensions ...

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Re: Hide "Oxygen" choice for users [Solved]

hmm, maybe use display none in admin area ??? in ur file hosting..

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Re: Hide "Oxygen" choice for users [Solved]

No option for hide in admin panel

Re: Hide "Oxygen" choice for users [Solved]

I know this topic is rather old, but... I have done this, and it was quite simple smile

I installed punbb normally, in the administration panel I changed the default style to something else (in my case it was Urban). Then I changed user settings from Oxygen to that style. After that I deleted Oxygen directory ^_^ I am not experiencing any problems, all extensions are working correctly.

There is only one important thing you have to remember - when deleting a style, users shouldn't have it set in the profile settings!

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