Topic: [Feature Request] Marketplace (buy/sell/auction)

It would be great to have Marketplace feature bundled within punbb. something similar to digitalpoint buy/sell/trade functionality.

Re: [Feature Request] Marketplace (buy/sell/auction)

i think this usefully. big_smile

sorry my BAD english T___T
Have a nice day >.<

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Re: [Feature Request] Marketplace (buy/sell/auction)

I have been on the forum for a while now, but I think that this option has developed very well for the forum, it is a community forum, and the basis of each community is trade. Maybe I'm refreshing the old topic, but in my opinion it's worth thinking again. Then I can buy poe currency (buy poe orbs like Exalted and Chaos Orbs) … 890#p27890

Re: [Feature Request] Marketplace (buy/sell/auction)

You need a detailed description of what you need. Examples, links, screenshots, possible scripts.

Most often, the temp remains unanswered because there is no complete information. And another reason may be that people from different countries communicate with this forum.