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Topic: Friend a User

Something that my users have requested several times is the ability to friend another user.

Basically what they are looking for is the ability to have a list of friends with the last post from that friend showing up next to the name.

You could show the last 5-10 friends to post with a link to open up the entire list of friends.


Pretty crappy image but that's the idea.

It would probably be best to have the 10 most recent friends to post on the forums and not the 10 most recent posts, in other words you wouldn't want the same poster with his 10 most recent but the 10 most recent active posters and their most current post.

It should be located above the contact information directly below the immediate user information.

Even better would be to have keeshi's profile description located directly below the initial user information followed by the friends list.

This would give users reason to go to their profile and see what other posters are doing as well as giving users a reason to visit other users profiles.

I don't know how feasible this is but I think it would be a great extension to have.

Re: Friend a User

Nice idea paulcambull smile If someone has a huge forum, with very active members, this will be useful.

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Re: Friend a User

keeshii wrote:

Nice idea paulcambull smile If someone has a huge forum, with very active members, this will be useful.

Thanks keeshi.

How hard would it be to put something like this together?

The one other aspect I forgot would be a button/link under user avatars in their profiles or posts that could 'friend' and 'unfriend' users.

Re: Friend a User

this unusefully. why, cause this is lite forum, not social media like pesbuk / tweter .
if u want to get information just subscribe post. big_smile

sorry my BAD english T___T
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Re: Friend a User

Yeah, a lite forum that is extendable via extensions. I think that's a good idea, but it should "do something", because this Friend system in phpBB3 is completely useles.

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Re: Friend a User

This is a very useful tool IMO for an active forum.

Subscribing to threads is useless if there are threads being created everyday in a forum.

But being able to follow the people that you discuss your favorite teams or sports with from thread to thread is very useful for spurring and continuing conversation.

All of which of course adds up to more page views which should be the goal of a profitable site.

It is in no way like facebook where you are checking to see someone's status or commenting on their page. Its just a way to have access to the posts within the forum that are posted by other users that you converse with on a regular basis.