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hboetius wrote:

I am running PunBB 1.4.2, such a nice forum software!
But I am in need for a compatible pun_admin_broadcast_email kind of extension.
Do you Slavok or other developers have any intention to make such a thing in the future.
Hope so, but thanks for all your great work either way!


I am also in the same situation, I would even be willing to "donate" or fund a new version that would support PunBB 1.4.2

This is the error that I am getting:

Loading of extension "pun_admin_broadcast_email" failed.

Missing manifest.xml.

Can anyone help ?

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Hi all is easy to run it on 1.4.2 :

unzip exention / open it / find file : manifest.xml

Open that file with Notepad++ for eg and found the line on start :


Change "1.3.4" with "1.4.2" and save the file.

Upload the folder on your "extensions" folder trought FTP

Go on your admin pannel and instal this "extension".

You are done - it work fine.

@JoeySnacks :

Loading of extension "pun_admin_broadcast_email" failed.
Missing manifest.xml.

It's because you unzip bad - open the unziped folder you will found a other folder called "pun_admin_broadcast_email" is this one to put on your FTP.


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When it will be really updated to 1.4.2? It's very important extension.


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Im also waiting for an update to 1.4.2

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I  haved a problem with this extension

When I go to send  the message on format HTML , and I press preview botton,  I  can see images , links , but when I press  button submit  and  message  goes to outlook,gmail etc,  I only see  TEXT

<meta content="text/html; charset=ISO-8859-1"
src="" alt=""

So why  I cant see images on the email? Its a problem  of the  extension?
I haved 0.2

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anyone knows??

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please i need help!!!