Topic: Clean orphan posts

In my database, I have several hundreds posts that are not effectively displayed in my board.
To identify them, I performed this request from an old script :

SELECT FROM forum_posts p LEFT JOIN forum_topics t ON WHERE IS NULL

Do you think I can delete safely this posts?

Thank you.

Re: Clean orphan posts

Yes, you can. I am sure, that you have installed a broken extension and it is causing this issue. My forum is running for quite long time, and:

mysql> SELECT FROM punbb_posts p LEFT JOIN punbb_topics t ON WHERE IS NULL;
Empty set (0.08 sec)
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Re: Clean orphan posts

Thank you, keeshii.

My forum is very old (2006), and this difference between posts in database and posts displayed can certainly result from an extension (that was previously installed), as you say.

I deleted all these posts, they were all written several years ago.