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Hi all

For some reason ( I have no clue what I changed ), when I try to open a post on my forum it gives me the error page... I have not changed a thing while it worked properly before and as it says it might be just a temp error, I've waited but nothing happens.
I checked the db, the code and it all looks just fine... I took the same code offline and there it works properly so I have no clue what's going on, maybe any of you had this b4?

Re: Forum cannot load post

I just turned on the debugger, and it seemed it was a problem with the medal and thanks ext, if I disable them the page loads fine, if I put either one of them on, it fails. The wierd thing is, all my maps have 777 perms on the server, and offline it works just fine, any idea why this is?

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Re: Forum cannot load post

It sounds like a database issue. I have no idea how could that happen (especially when you haven't done anything), anyways your database is probably outdated. You may try to reinstall the plugins, they should repair themselfs, but you will also lose the data (medal assigments, thanks) hmm

Can you tell us which extensions have you installed? There are at least 2 diffrent extensions for medals and for thanks. And copy here, what exacly debugger said. Maybe it can be fixed without reinstalling anything.

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