Topic: IP BlackList

A problem I see on every forum I start is when these random people with weird usernames start joining, who are probably spam bots, that post these weird topics for a website.

I really need to fix this because I don't want to be banning manually 24/7.

How can I block these IPs? (Usually there is a website that has a list of all ips that spam)

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Re: IP BlackList

Administration -> Users -> Bans. Leave the field empty and click "Add ban". On the next page you can specify the ip addresses and ip ranges separated with commas. You can also choose the message for banned ip and expire date (empty = never expires).

I am running a forum for 1.5 year and I have not a single spam registration. You should install an extension that prevents bots from registration f.e. pun_stop_bots.

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