Topic: Change My background

Hey guys how do I change the background of the entire site. I would like to use an image from my image folder on the site
something like: /images/xx.png

I would like all the pages to use this as the bg-image instead of using the default color. thanks.

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Re: Change My background

Are you talking about the punbb 1.2? Punbb 1.2 is obsolete (since 2005), it shouldn't be used anymore, please download the version 1.4 tongue

....if you are using punbb 1.4, create topics in the troubleshooting for 1.4.

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Re: Change My background

I am sorry for not posting the version. The nerve of some people asking for help and not giving all the facts lol.
I am using the lastest version I think. I think at one point the code was html and I was able to use dreamweaver and change the background color without changing my scheme. Now it seems to be pure php and I am at a loss. let me know if you
need anymore info. Thanks for helpping me.

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