Topic: Merge users

I use PunBB 1.4.2 and I'm looking for an extension or a method to merge 2 users. There is an extensions for version 1.2 but it doesn't work.

Thanks in advance!

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Re: Merge users

I've found this topic about version 1.3 but it doesn't really give an answer: … ser-merge/

So I'm still looking for a solution.

Re: Merge users

It is very problematic task. Many extensions are copying the user ids to their own tables and put restrictions on them. Let's say users may not send PM to themselfs (pun_pm) - what should we do with messages of users we want to merge? Delete? There is also "thanks for post" (om_thanks) - user can't add thanks to his own posts, and much more.

In my opinion it doesn't make sense to preapare a script/extension to automate this process. You will have to merge users manually by changing records in your database. Generally you will have to remove one record from table users, in the other tables replace the ids of columns: user_id, poster_id, sender_id, receiver_id, etc.

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