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Topic: Request for 'Followed Topics' and 'Mention'

I believe this features should be available now on PunBB as they are really essential instead of the email notification for reply.

Mention and Followed Topics will be very nice. The Mention will allow users to know when they are quoted or literally mentioned on any topic. While the Followed Topics will allow users to see the topics they are currently following.   

If anyone already made these extensions, please post link to download here.


Re: Request for 'Followed Topics' and 'Mention'

The idea of mention and followed topics is very cool. I was also wondering that is it possible. Kindly share it with me also if anyone has made such extension.

Re: Request for 'Followed Topics' and 'Mention'

I think this would be very useful

Re: Request for 'Followed Topics' and 'Mention'

Agreed this would be a great extension if someone has made it already.