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Topic: custom fields in Forum (first post)

Wow....this is one informative BB smile
I'm sorry if this request has been asked or fulfilled. I'm totally new to Punbb, and read and Googled for hours before posting here.
I installed Topic Description (KanekT ?)
works great.
I'm trying to setup PunBB for my partner at work to access lil job information I post , like job name, client, who is supervising it etc.
Topic Subject, Description, and Write message are great. But looking for a way to add extra fields there that will show up in the post.
Is there an extension out there for this?
Its 1.4.3 if thats the correct version i.d. you need to know.
Great forum btw.

EDIT: btw, this is for Forums in Categories, only adding this cause I found some extensions to add fields in Profile, but I need fields in new Forum Topics.
Thanks for your patience with my rambling post =p

Re: custom fields in Forum (first post)

There should be a plugin for this. If there isn't perhaps code one or suggest it as a plugin.
Welcome here, too!