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Topic: [Theme] Oxygen OPT

Hello to all of PunBB community,
Today, I did some changes on Oxygen theme, I think I improved Oxygen to be a better theme. I call this style "Oxygen OPT" ( OPT=Optimized )
Changes and Improvements:

  • Oxygen_ie6.css, Oxygen_ie7.css and Oxygen_ie7.css are optimized.

  • index.html has some improvements.

  • Ubuntu Condensed is the default font.

  • Background uses gradients.

  • Normalize.CSS is attached.

  • Images and Avatars have border radius.

  • Responsivenav fonts are deleted. ( because using Ubuntu fonts )

Theme is the first version,Please tell me the mistakes or everything you think should fixed or added ( You can mail me for that. Mail Me. ) - I will update this theme later too - And you can download the theme from the bellow Links:

Download normal version
Download online loader version ( For poor servers )
I will add a new version later - That imports style sheet files from some CDNs and the size is really smaller.
Please participate in the poll too.
Online Loader Version ( For poor servers ) Loads all stylesheets and JavaScript files online, That means users' requests doesn't apply on your server, Rather it sends to 20Script servers.

Update: Oxygen OPT ( Online Loader ) link added.
Update: To use theme for Right To Left languages ( Like Persian and Arabic ) add the bellow code in the last line of Oxygen.min.css

html body * {direction: rtl !important;}

Topic in Persian PunBB forums
Update: I don't know why the fonts doesn't load correctly, However, You can wait for a final version ( and fix all bugs )
Good Luck! big_smile

Re: [Theme] Oxygen OPT

I have my own version of Oxygen I've baked from a while ago (Oxygen CHB). The fonts are not loading correctly due to a bug on behalf of both Firefox and Chrome. Neither is properly loading custom fonts.