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Topic: [Extension] Pan eXtplorer - File Manager for PunBB

Modular expansion eXtplorer the Pan - This file management component offline directly from the admin PunBB. You can also use this component to access files and directories on your server via FTP. Drag and drop files and folders, filter directories and sort lists of files using different criteria.

If the file manager of your hosting meager possibilities, it is possible that the product will solve this problem.

Main features of the component:
    Ability to change file attributes (Chmod) - write permissions
    Easily view folders and files on your server.
    Edit, copy, Move (Drag & Drop) and deleting files.
    Creating and extracting archives on the server (zip, tar, tar.gz, tar / bz).
    The creation of new files and folders, search and more.

* the PHP > 4.3
* the Pan eXtplorer can work in future versions of PunBB: 1.3 - 1.4.4
----------- --------

Browser Support:
* of Internet Explorer> = 6.0
* of Firefox> = 2
* Safari> = 4
* Google Chrome / Iron> = 3
* Konqueror (KDE > 4.0)
* of Opera 10.5+

File manager for PunBB panbb.ru

How to install the Pan eXtplorer file manager?

Go to Administrative Tools - Extensions , and set the component as a normal extension of PunBB.

To do this, go to "Extensions Manager" and click the "Install / Remove", then wait a few moments until the list of installed components, added a new component of the Pan eXtplorer.

Then go to Manage - the FM , is a control panel just installed extension - a file manager. You will have an intuitive control panel that allows you to access all functions that are relevant to the files.

you will see a window asking you to enter your login and password.

File manager for PunBB panbb.ru

The default username and password will be (admin / admin). Be sure to change your login and password as soon as you enter in the admin panel.

This will tell you pop-up as in the example below.

File manager for PunBB panbb.ru

Note : If you can not change the password, then check the permissions on the file (.htusers.php), it is located at:

http : / YourDomain / the extensions / pan_extplorer / the config /

and make them available for recording, set to (CHMOD 666).

In addition to these functions, you can also change the permissions, copy, delete and move files.

Pressing the "Back to the forum," you will be able to return to the admin panel PunBB.

Component Pan eXtplorer able to instantly upload pictures, video, and other media files, which is very important for those who have enough fast internet connection. This component works fine with versions 1.3 and 1.4 PunBB, easily installed and removed as needed without difficulty.

Download modular expansion Pan eXtplorer for PunBB

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