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Topic: one RSS Feed for all forums and posts

Hello community

Is there an RSS feed for all forums and posts. somehow I get no contribution appears when I subscribe normal feed
.../feed-rss.xml. I only get messages when someone opens a forum. But an article in this forum is not displayed. I just need for the entire forum, a feed of all new entries shows. So forum posts. Is there a possibility?

the last post is from 07.09 http://www.battle.24find.de/feed-rss.xml with the standard feed. but in the newsfeed of latest Post 13.09 is this feed http://www.battle.24find.de/feed-rss-topic65.xml

is somewhere out an error on my part?
Thanks 4 Help

Re: one RSS Feed for all forums and posts

Hello !
I too would like a rss feed for any new message and not only any new thread. Does it exist ?
Thanks for any help.

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