Topic: External Links. Redirecting of Page

The Pan External Links extension performs several important functions by opening external and internal links in new tabs.
How it works?

When you click the link, the script opens a new tab with a redirect page in your forum. Already another script processes the received link, writes it to the database and redirects it to an external resource. All this happens in an inconspicuous way for the visitor.

When clicking on an internal link, this link is simply opened in a new tab using the usual target = "_ blank".

With the option to open links in the new tab, the external link will be opened in a new tab using JS, the internal one will be opened using the usual target = "blank".

If the option "Enable account tracking for external links" is enabled, all transitions will be recorded in the table. The conversion statistics can be monitored on the corresponding page.
In the same way, you can track the internal wader.

The only thing that can be annoying is open tabs, which then have to be closed. But this option can now be disabled in the tool settings. Extension pan external links performs important functions by opening external internal links new tabs running n photos PunBB
How do I add exceptions?

For some sites, you may need to not redirect. In this case, go to the settings and add exclusions to the test entry field.

IMPORTANT: Each new link must be on a new line. An example is given in the summary of the settings.

Download the Pan External Links extension for PunBB 1.4


Re: External Links. Redirecting of Page

Very Cool, Thanks for this.