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Topic: Pan DataBase Adminer - SQLite3 DataBase Manager

To change records in the MySQL database, we usually use phpMyAdmin. I think everyone knows what it is and how to use it. But how to edit the values in the database, if our forum is built on Sqlite or SQLite3? How in this case to change any value? Imagine you forgot your password. And in version 1.4.4 for security reasons it can not be restored in the usual way ...

For a long time I wanted to come up with a manager that would allow viewing and editing records in table cells. And so ... it happened, the site adminer.org helped in this. From their module, the Pan DataBase Adminer extension was assembled, which allows you to manage this SQLite3 database, but not only.

Let's list all the features of Pan DataBase Adminer:
+ Support for MySQL, MySQLi, SQLite, SQLite3, PostgreSQL, MS SQL, Oracle, Firebird, SimpleDB, Elasticsearch and MongoDB;
+ View, edit and delete records in tables;
+ Creating a database dump;
+ Uploading the dump to the database;
+ A lot of color schemes;
+ Password protection;
+ Work directly with the manager even if your forum stopped working.

How to install Pan DataBase Adminer?

1. Download and install as usual extension.
2. Click on the link in the menu or the list of extensions.

3. On the start page, create a Login and Password to enter the CP.

4. Next, you will need to select from the list the database that your forum uses.

https://punbb.info/uploads/images/2017/08/c94a73be11fc351ebc193b14c502d2b8.png https://punbb.info/uploads/images/2017/08/9992ab573d6f5c99435f36bf595db9c8.png

You can also connect different styles. If you need them, then unsubscribe in this thread, I'll tell you how to install them.

Further, in the settings of the manager everything is quite simple and understandable.

Warning! If your forum has stopped from any erroneous request and does not turn on even after you disable hooks, do the following:
1. Download the extension to the /extensions/
2. Go to the address directly to the script:
3. Create a login and password for logging in.

Download extension Pan DataBase Adminer