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Topic: Trying to Find My REALLY Old Forum!

Back in 2016, I posted this question.
Every so often, our group (now relegated to Facebook >:O ) will mention things that are Archived SOMEWHERE in the Ethernet!!!
Hopefully, there exists some remnants, and I'd LOVE to find a link to them.
PLEASE help.
None of the older suggestions worked sad

So here is my original post, modified a bit, and I'll ask again:

Topic: Finding My OLD Forum
Many years ago, I switched from PunBB (sorry).
We had a lot of history on the old site, from February of 2007 thru about 2012(?)

I just tried to look back at the Forum, to find something, and I get nothing.
Literally "nothing", just a blank page -
NO "404 error, page missing, etc."

Any clues why?
[ Now, when I think about it, since I NO LONGER HOST the Forum at the following non-existing URL, of COURSE it won't be there! but I would think that these files still exist elsewhere!? Yes? No?]

Here is/was the address:

Certainly there was a repository of sorts at PunBB?
Please help, we had such great history - losing it all just haunts me.

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Re: Trying to Find My REALLY Old Forum!

Look php logs on your server.

Re: Trying to Find My REALLY Old Forum!

Thanks PanBB,
I'll try to look.

It's been so long since I've had to work with these types of files.
I'll have to try to remember where to find everything!
Like learning a new language all over again! smile

So this should be on my old computer?
Or is it somewhere on my old GoDaddy servers (which I probably couldn't access, since I gave up that URL)?
Sorry to sound so green, I wasn't so great at this eleven years ago big_smile

Re: Trying to Find My REALLY Old Forum!


Re: Trying to Find My REALLY Old Forum!

I'll try them.