Re: [release] Post Edit Period

I set the edit time to 1 hour (60 minutes)

It works perfect and cuts off members.

I have moderators for each forum and they can edit in their forum but boardwide they cannot see their edit link after 60 minutes.
They can edit in their moderator forum after 60 minutes but not outside of it.

SO any way you can check this ??


Re: [release] Post Edit Period

Moderators are moderators that have extended rights only in their area of responsibility.
In order for each group to have different timeouts for editing, this extension needs to be completely rewritten.

For a special case with moderators, you can try changing the extensions/edit_period/manifest.xml file:

! $forum_page['is_admmod']

replace to

! $forum_page['is_admmod'] && $forum_user['g_moderator'] != '1'

(found in two places)
Then you should uninstall and install this extension in the extension management for the changes to take effect.

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Re: [release] Post Edit Period


That worked perfectly, now the moderators can edit their posts board wide while members are time restricted.

In my opinion that is how the extension should be.

Thank you so much for adding this incredible feature.

Re: [release] Post Edit Period

! $forum_page['is_admmod'] && $forum_user['g_moderator'] && $forum_user['g_trusted_users'] != '1'

So if I wanted to excempt a second group called "Trusted Users" could I just add them like this?


Re: [release] Post Edit Period

! $forum_page['is_admmod'] && $forum_user['g_moderator'] != '1' && $forum_user['g_id'] != GROUP NUMBER

GROUP NUMBER - this is the group number of your privileged users.

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Re: [release] Post Edit Period

Wow thank you so much

That is perfect