Topic: Please do not delete

I have a moderator for every forum and we have a rule that we do not delete topics.
Instead we move them to a hidden forum called trash bin. We do that so for legal reasons if we ever need access to a topic it is there to look at.

We educate the moderators to not delete the topics but ultimately somebody deletes one by accident instead of moving it. I just lost a 5 page topic that should not have been deleted.

Is there any way to prevent anyone but Admins to delete topics. So pretty well the TOPIC delete button would not show up even for moderators.

Re: Please do not delete

sva_do_not_delete v 1.0.0 … not_delete

Moderators rights to delete topics are assigned as for ordinary users (use groups settings).
Administration → Users → Groups → Edit all groups → Allow users to delete their own topics (including any replies) = OFF

I speak only Russian  :P

Re: Please do not delete

That is spot on PERFECT smile