Topic: Post count on mobile?

Hello everyone

I have a thanks feature installed and it displays just under the post count.
I get complaints from members that they cannot use the thanks feature without turning their phone sideways.

Since post count also does not display unless you turn the phone sideways I figure if there was a way to get the post count to display on mobile the thanks feature would as well because it shows up right under the post count.

So can anyone tell me how to get the post count to display on mobile?

I have been fiddling with this with no success.

Re: Post count on mobile?

The standard Oxygen style has overly confusing behavior of css rules on narrow screens.
If I am not mistaken, then through the overflow property of the element with the postbody class, all information about the author of the post is hidden.
Try it yourself through the developer tools in the browser (F12) to see how it works.
Or you should take a third-party style that does not have this problem .

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Re: Post count on mobile?

Yeah, I have been trying for weeks using that method and have not been able to get it.

I have a lot of modifications to the Oxygen style and this is my last issue to solve so I don't want to install a 3rd party style that will probably have a whole set of it's own problems.

Thanks for the feedback, I will keep trying to see if I can get this somehow.

Re: Post count on mobile?

for test
Oxygen.min.css file


.postbody{overflow: hidden;}

replace to

/*.postbody{overflow: hidden;}*/


.postbody .post-author{display:none;}

replace to

/*.postbody .post-author{display:none;}*/

3. Clear the cache of your browser and refresh the page (if the cache is not cleared, then the style can be loaded from it, and not from the server).

I speak only Russian  :P

Re: Post count on mobile?


That worked Visman

We had enabled avators in phone view before … questions/

So I was not able to do the first step but the second step worked and now the avatar and the post count is visible whick means my Thanks/Like is also visible.

Thank you for the help!!