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Re: Pan Uploader - upload files and images in the post

Thanks Pierre, for the new address of the russian forum. I re-read the whole long post about Pan-uploader and I remember now that my own special version of the extension had been specially modified for me at the time, over 5 years ago ! The regular version does not fit my needs : I want sqlite 3 AND drag-&-drop AND keeping original file name.

I found a way to use my near-obsolete version with sqlite3 and php8 : I upload a 1st time either image or other file (pdf, zip). Nothing happens. Then I upload it a second time, it says that the file is already there. Then I click on OK in the popup and there it is, in the post for a picture, at the bottom of the post for a file to download.

An uneasy method for who is not aware, but my users seem to understand the principle.

I use my 2 forums  to propose downloads.

https://forum.revestou.fr/ - https://agora.chauvigne.info/
PunBB 1.4.6
PHP: 8.0.24
Base de données    SQLite3 3.27.2