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Topic: Add ranks/statuses

Is there an explanation somewhere how to add more ranks/statuses? I can surely do it myself, but it would probably be safer if I could read somewhere how to do it so I don't forget anything. And if there isn't; can someone just list the things that has to be changed?

Or is the easiest way to just search the forum files for $cur_user["status"] and change everything you find there?

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Re: Add ranks/statuses

Ranks can be added in the admin interface.

Adding more statuses is a lot harder. I wouldn't go there :)

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Re: Add ranks/statuses

hmm... then I mean statuses wink

Since 1.2 won't come in another 2-3 months (maybe) and my forum needs moderators I will probably do this. There aren't many features in 1.2 that I need (except user groups then).

Is it really that hard to make new statuses? I can change the current system so the ADMINS get status 20, and then I have to change the php-files and after that I should be able to make 19 statuses (status 1-19) in between there.

Have you got any tips for me?

Re: Add ranks/statuses

Yes it's a lot of work, but it's possible.

Why do you need more than user, moderator and admin?

Re: Add ranks/statuses

I would like to have atleast one more moderator status that would only have access to "reports" and to be able to delete and edit posts and have no access to the admin control panel.


Re: Add ranks/statuses

i need more than user, moderator and admin, i want to be able to ban people from specific sections and stuff like that