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After v1.2 is out, it'd be interesting to see some type of CSS showcase page for peoples' PunBB themes.

Maybe something like the css Zen Garden ( It could be a static sample page rather than a skinning-portal to an actual forum.

Just a thought...

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Re: css Pun Garden

The Tao of Pun :)

Once 1.2 comes out, I would imagine quite a lot styles will emerge.

Re: css Pun Garden

maybe a good way to do it would be a left frame and clickable links that just change the style of the forum, and the forum allowing people to post and test etc but being reset every day or something?

Re: css Pun Garden

sounds like an nice idea... not too hard to set up iether right? maybe something for the site?

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Re: css Pun Garden - something like that, just edit punbb to make the theme a get variable

Re: css Pun Garden

Good idea. I have created the domain and I'm OK to create it. smile

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