Topic: PunBB 1.1

It's here! All 13982 lines of it. PunBB 1.1 is quite a large upgrade from 1.0.1. Most of the changes have been made "under the hood", but quite a few new features have been added as well. Some of the more important changes and additions are:

- New, cleaner syntax for the BBCode quote tag.
- Completely rewritten user list.
- Form e-mail. It is now possible to send e-mail to other users via the forum.
- Easier website integration via extern.php.
- RSS feeds for recent discussions via extern.php.
- Templates for e-mail messages that are sent by the forum.
- Stronger encryption. PunBB now utilizes the SHA-1 algorithm for password hashes (if available).
- More powerful banning options including expiry date and ban message.
- MSN Messenger field in user profiles (due to popular demand).
- HTML posting is disabled permanently.
- Information about last visit and last action is now saved in the database instead of in cookies.
- PHP script inclusion from the templates (via <pun_include "*">).
- The infamous "Unable to delete search results" bug is fixed.
- Move/delete/open/close multiple topics at once.
- Delete multiple posts at once.
- A FAQ (yay!).
- More powerful debugging via PUN_SHOW_QUERIES.
- New subscription system.
- "Go to first new post" feature.
- A simple announcement system.
- All JavaScript popup messages are localized.
- New structure of config data in the database.

On top of this, PunBB 1.1 incorporates a large number of bugfixes and smaller tweaks. Please note that the size of PunBB has not increased noticeably and that it is still as fast as you are used to. Fear not. There are no new images or any other kind of bloat.

For installation and upgrade instructions, see the included install.html.

The format of the language files have changed quite a lot, so language packs from 1.0 will have to be updates. I will send out e-mails to all lang pack authors and ask them to update their translations. Hopefully there will be more lang packs available soon.

For a complete list of additions and alterations, see the changelog. Now head over to the download page and grab your copy of PunBB 1.1! Post any problem reports or just your impressions on PunBB 1.1 in this topic.

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