Topic: PunBB 1.1.2

Today brings the release of PunBB 1.1.2. The release is a bugfix version for 1.1.1. No new features have been added. For a full list of changes, please see the changelog.

Beginning with 1.1.2, PunBB will be released in three flavors: full, changed files only and patch. The changed files only archive contains, well, only the files that have changed since the last release. The patch is output from the UNIX command diff and can be used together with the UNIX command patch to automatically patch all affected files. To use the patch, you will need shell access (SSH/telnet) to the server that hosts your forums and access to the UNIX patch application. To patch, upload the patch file onto the server and run the command: "patch -cl -d [punbb_dir] -p1 < [patch_file]". Replace [punbb_dir] with the path to your forums root directory and [patch_file] with the path to the patch file. If the patch for some reason is unable to complete (e.g. if a mod is interfering with the patch), you will have to manually update the affected files.

All packages are available on the download page. Discuss the release in this topic.


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