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I am really struggling with this so I'll take it in stages.
Please don't answer assuming that I know certain things cos I'm in the dark over this.

The only way I can test things at the moment is to upload to my site and then view.
I'm told I need to install a web server to be able to test php stuff on my pc before uploading.
I'm on Win2000 so I've installed IIS which comes with it. I use Dreamweaver MX2004 but when I try to test a page I just get error messages.

Before I ask specific questions can someone just tell me is IIS the correct package for php files?

I've been down so long it's beginning to look like up..

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well its possible, but for a testing server on windows i highly recommend you download this wampserver ( http://www.wampserver.com/en/index.php ) its great it comes with apache (the best webserver), php5, mysql, SQLite all in one easy setup and has a neat little tray icon to manage it all


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Like Connor said, a package that includes it all would be the best way to go on one machine.

What I did a long time ago was get a spare PC and install Linux on it and used it as my test server. To this day I have a test machine backing up my main server. My test machine is a Pentium Pro 200mhz with 128MB of ram and a 4 gig scsi disk, it cost me $25 at a government surplus store.


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Follow the link connor posted. It's what I'm using. It installs just like a regular windows app. I haven't had to go near any configuration files or anything.

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yeh its great, its designed to be a little testing server, comes with phpmyadmin to which is cool, oh and you can install a php4/5 switch addon which means you can test in 4 and 5 which is pretty neat