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I have trouble with my Pun forum on
The problem is that if you for example want to delete a thread or just go in and change one of the user´s title and then push "send" ("skicka" in swedish) a error message will show up.

This is the error message:
"Felaktig referens. Du refererades till denna sida från en icke-auktoriserad källa. Var god försök igen. Om problemet kvarstår kan du kontakta forumadministratören på"

I have tried to log in/out and a few other small things but it dosen´t seems to help me at all.

Does anyone know what my problem can be?

It worked excellent before the upgrade from 1.0 Beta 3.0 to RC_1....

Re: Trouble

Eight topics down in this forum you would have found this:

"Programming is like sex: one mistake and you have to support it for the rest of your life."

Re: Trouble

Oh, sorry i didn´t see that one wink