Topic: Having Lots of Errors

I was recently setting up the next version of my website with PunBB 1.1 and then the 1.2 was released so I figured that I would upgrade.  Originally I had no errors incorporating my CMS with PunBB to display that header and footer.

Now I get a large number of errors that I believe are due to some annoying error setting.  I'm not sure if PunBB uses a custom error handler, but I cannot seem to figure out where it is.  Does anyone have an idea to fix this?

The page can be found here:



Re: Having Lots of Errors

I have to apologize, but right after I posted this I searched for "PHP error" in Google and it found a document on my computer! (Google Desktop Search).

This was common.php and I saw where it set errors to all, which is annoying.  I fixed this and all errors gone!

Sorry though.

Re: Having Lots of Errors

You can lower the level of error reporting, but it's set to E_ALL for a reason smile

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