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Topic: gap between postleft and postfootleft

I'm having a little trouble getting rid of a gap between .postleft and .postfootleft when I added a border-right to both classes.  I noticed a .clearer in between the two but I'm not sure if it would be wise to get rid of it.  Any help would be appreciated. smile

Here's a pic:

The url is http://www.dovermafia.com/forums/ if you wanna peep my source.

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Re: gap between postleft and postfootleft

At first I thought this was the notorious Slashdot bug in Firefox, but I was wrong. It appears in Internet Explorer as well. I don't have an answer for you, but I'm guessing someone else does smile

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Re: gap between postleft and postfootleft

It's not a bug of any sort, it's just an attempt to do the one thing which is really difficult with the current design of viewtopic. I will go away a write some instructions and get back to you.


Re: gap between postleft and postfootleft

Go to base.css and replace the whole of section 7.1 with this

/* 7.1 This is the basic structure. */

DIV.postleft, DIV.postfootleft {
    WIDTH: 180px;
DIV.postright, DIV.postfootright {
    MARGIN-LEFT: 180px;

DIV.po/stleft {WIDTH: 181px}

DIV.postfootright, P.multidelete {TEXT-ALIGN: right}

Go to filth_cs.css Section 2.1 and replace it with this

DIV.blockpost DIV.box, DIV.postright, DIV.postfootright {BACKGROUND-COLOR: #FFF}
DIV.postright, DIV.postfootright {BORDER-LEFT-COLOR: #990000}
DIV.postleft {BORDER-RIGHT: 1px solid #990000}
DIV.postleft, DIV.postfootleft {BACKGROUND-COLOR: #FFF}

Re: gap between postleft and postfootleft

Thanks!  That did the trick.

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