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Topic: Show new posts since last visit changed since 1.1.5


In 1.1.5, I could go down a list of "Show new posts since last visit" posts, then reply to one of the posts, click "Show new posts since last visit" and it would still show me the same new postings I saw when I first logged in, which was great.

Now, I just had 7 new topics shown, I reply to one, then hit Index > Show topics since last visit, and I only see the one I just replied to and don't see any of the other new ones that are still "new since last visit."

What setting can I change in the admin to switch back?  Is it the visit timeout?

I want it to be like it was before: as long as I have the browser open, i still want to see those new postings.  If i close the browser, then 1 hour later log in again, that's a new visit - so show me the new ones since my last visit.

Re: Show new posts since last visit changed since 1.1.5

The behaviour hasn't changed at all. Maybe you just need to bump up the visit timeout.

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Re: Show new posts since last visit changed since 1.1.5

Ok so let me ask you this:

600 = 10 minutes, so if I'm browsing 40 new topics and I'm replying and 10 minutes elapses, all of those topics will probably disappear right?

Is there any way to do it by session, whereby only when I logout or close the browser will my next visit truly be a next visit, or do I just have to bump up the timeout to 9999.

I don't remember setting this at all in 1.1.5, and I didn't have any problems.  Or, maybe I didn't sit on my site for over 10 minutes and then hit "Show new topics.."

And if I do bump this up to 9999, this only counts for the session right?  Closing the browser and opening a new browser window later or logging out then back in resets the timeout, correct?


Re: Show new posts since last visit changed since 1.1.5

closing the browser does not close a session, however if its 600 its 10 min from the last time you visited not the first time you visited since the last 10 min