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Topic: Thanks News_Generator and WordPress!


Yeah, I know there's really no point in having WordPress if I'm going to be using punBB to post all my info.

But, I'm still going to keep it because it makes it easier to edit the template than going into FTP and uploading time after time.
Or, even better - navigating through the sludge of my "File Manager" and clicking "Edit File" each time.
Blegh - I'll keep WP, thank you very much.

Ooo...Plus - Nice plugins, like for weather.
Sorry - I digress.

Um...where was I?
Oh, yeah.

A couple questions...

1) Is there some way to have it update when I post a new topic to that forum instead of me going "Post > Admin > Nedws Generator > Generate"? Like, me just post and it shows up on the front page?

2) Is there some way to show how many comments or posts have been made to the comments section of a post? Such as, instead of saying "Comments", it says "x Comments" where "x" is the number?
I thought it might be in this line -

        $replace = array(pun_htmlspecialchars($cur_topic['subject']), date('Y-m-d H:i', $cur_post['posted']), pun_htmlspecialchars($cur_post['poster']), parse_message($cur_post['message'], $cur_post['hide_smilies']), '<a href="'.$pun_config['o_base_url'].'/viewtopic.php?id='.$cur_topic['id'].'">Comments</a>');

But, I wasn't sure what to add/detract for it to show that number.
Any help on this?

Re: Thanks News_Generator and WordPress!

if i recall it is static(the output of the plugin) so the need to click the generate news button and also the lack of comment count is the result of this.

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Re: Thanks News_Generator and WordPress!

I understand that the output is static, but the comment link is generated by the PHP plugin.
From what I understand, the script looks through news.tpl and replaces key tags with information defined in that line that I put in my last post.

That's why I was wondering what to add/detract/change in order to get a post number next to it. For instance, it could just be pulling the number of replies to a topic (that is show in the forum navigation) and displaying it next to the link to comment. The numbers would be from 0-whatever....
It would show up like so:

"0 Comment" or maybe "Comments: 0" if we wanted to be correct.

About the auto-update...It's not that big of a pain, and I was pretty sure that there was no way to do it without extensive hacking.

Re: Thanks News_Generator and WordPress!

if you want number of comments you should probably pull it straight from the database, have a look at how extern.php works and extend it a bit

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You can't make me learn something! I want someone to do it for me!

This might be the only software that I actually learn stuff from. Everywhere else, I'm catered to. I'm actually glad you guys push us to find it out for ourselves by pointing us in the right direction.