Topic: Validate users?

Hello Kennel.
I want my Pun able to validate users before they can login first time.

So I can accept which users who can use my forum.
I saw the validate email thing, but that wasn't the thing I wanted.

Like when a new user registers I want his name and email sent to me or something so I can accept this user for surfing my forum.


Hej kennel smile

Jag vill kunna accpetera alla användare som registrear sig på mitt Pun.
Så att ingen obehörig som jag EJ accepterat kan läsa vad som skrivs i forumet.
Går detta på någor enkelt sätt att göra?
Jag har bockat i Guest = NO på allt, där.
Annars fungerar det klockrent.

Jag är helt nybörjare när det gäller php.

MVH Hans

Re: Validate users?

I'm sorry, but PunBB currently does not have that functionality. Perhaps it will be added sometime in the future, but I can't say for sure. Mod anyone?

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Re: Validate users?

Kennel wrote:
Mod anyone?

Added to my punmod-idea.txt list smile

Re: Validate users?

So how long is it, for idea.txt  to real code?  smile

Re: Validate users?

MacBlade wrote:

So how long is it, for idea.txt  to real code?  smile

Well, depends on when kennel releaces 1.0 final and when i find a day not working or drinking beers smile