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Topic: Guest can write..

Hello! Just installed (almost just.. smile 2 days ago) PunBB version 1.2.5 and fix it (how wrote in news at main page)... at begin, all works fine.. but today, I found one bug: guests can reply and start new topic in forums, in which I disallow write for guests.. and.. They can DELETE thay own message.. Please, Help me! I like punBB very much for it easy and fastest..
p.s. Sorry for my english.. smile
forget something... before PunBB I using phpBB... and When I install PunBB I converted phpBB base to PunBB by Migration Tool.. and I'm installed only Easy BBCode mod...

Re: Guest can write..

its because the guest user is not in the guest group for some reason

run this query in phpmyadmin:

UPDATE [prefix]users SET group_id = 3 WHERE id = 1;

replacing [prefix] with your table prefix or if you use the db management plugin use this query:

UPDATE #__users SET group_id = 3 WHERE id = 1;

Re: Guest can write..

Wow! Thank you very much!!!!!! wink It help me... Moderators can close topic. Thanks!!!