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I've been using this for a while because it just speeds stuff up a little.

It's a nifty little extension that gives Firefox a context-menu BBCode inserter.
Options include stuff like the usual (bold, italic, underline, strikeout, quote, url, image), but it also has a menu to utilize the clipboard (paste quote from clipboard, code, image, url, url with name...etc).
It's better than having to hack your board to get an easy BBCode insert forum.
All it takes is a right-click!

This version also includes stuff for VBulletin, XHTML, and HTML (helps with web-development): … ;hl=bbcode

The simplified version, complete with smilies can be found here: … ;hl=bbcode

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Very cool. This I'll have to check out.

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it is pretty neat.

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wow thats pretty cool