Topic: How to use HTML in names and titles.

I think Kennel once told me how to do this, but I forgot wink
So Kennel, can you tell us smile

Re: How to use HTML in names and titles.

Titles: Open up common.php and look up the function get_title. Replace "$user_title = htmlspecialchars($user['title']);" with "$user_title = $user['title'];"

Ranks: Same as above but replace "$user_title = htmlspecialchars($value[0]);" with "$user_title = $value[0];"

I think that'll do it.

Allowing HTML in usernames requires a lot more editing since it is printed out in many different locations in the code. I don't thinks it's a good idea anyway considering that users select their own username when they register and if they register with a username such as </table>, the layout of the forum will be screwed up.

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