Topic: easy link to punbb 1.2.0

Just an idea here..

I had a hard time finding a download link to 1.2.0 to upgrade from 1.1.5 to 1.2.1.
@ the dowloads section of you will only easily find 1.2.1.
@ punres you wont find them

I found them all in the museum, isnt that a little early for 1.2.0?? big_smile

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Re: easy link to punbb 1.2.0

Yes, where is link to 1.2.0, coz i can't upgrade it from 1.1.*..
And in instructions for 1.2.5 upgrade is said that first you should update it to 1.2.0..

Re: easy link to punbb 1.2.0

Direct Link:

It is a bit harder to find, being on bottem and all..

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Re: easy link to punbb 1.2.0

I will try to advertise the existance of the "museum" alittle more clearly.

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