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In the profile you can add messenger services. I wanted to replace Jabber with Paltalk on my board. What steps do I go through to do this? Thanks in advance for your help.

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just change it in the language files?

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Thank you so much. By changing it in the language file it changed it in the profile.php. See below.

// Profile display stuff
'Not activated' =>    'This user hasn\'t activated his/her account yet. The account is activated when he/she logs in the first time.',
'Unknown' =>    '(Unknown)',    // This is displayed when a user hasn't filled out profile field (e.g. Location)
'Private' =>    '(Private)',    // This is displayed when a user does not want to receive e-mails
'No avatar' =>    '(No avatar)',
'Show posts' =>    'Show all posts',
'Realname' =>    'Real name',
'Location' =>    'Location',
'Website' =>    'Website',
'Jabber' =>    'Paltalk',
'ICQ' =>    'ICQ',
'MSN' =>    'MSN Messenger',
'AOL IM' =>    'AOL IM',
'Yahoo'    =>    'Yahoo! Messenger',
'Avatar' =>    'Avatar',
'Signature' =>    'Signature',