Topic: php sessions across servers!!!

im using Iframe to include another site in a html page of my site( Both the sites are hosted on different servers. Now i could see the other site get displayed in my site. I could browse through the site and everything works fine except the sessions. I could not login into my account in this site(i.e. It is working fine when i directly access this site in the browser. But the session variables are not passing page to page when i include it in IFRAME. I have tried for a solution in the forums but couldn't get one.
Plz help me!!!!!!!!!

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Re: php sessions across servers!!!

Re: php sessions across servers!!!

I'm pretty sure that is not the problem. If I remember correctly, sessions are only availible to the domain that set them, as they are stored on the actual server.
If you wanted to use a cookie approach, I think this is possible.

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