Topic: Moving posting only instead of complete threads

Is there any chance to get this feature, to move a posting only (to a new or existing thread)?
The problem I had in the past was that users started a useful thread and others added their questions to it which wasn't related to the original topic anymore. However some of this new topics was good enough to keep it online...

Cheers ~ Arne

PS: Just started to implement PunBB into my new server and it's a pleasure to work with it. It's what I locked for: clean, simple and not feature overloaded...

Re: Moving posting only instead of complete threads

Moving single posts isn't possible in the current release of PunBB. "Mass move" and "mass delete" of posts and topics is a feature that has been requested quite a lot, so it will make it into the next major release of PunBB (1.1).

Have a look at this topic: http://punbb.org/forums/viewtopic.php?id=2399

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