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Where is the option for changing the style?

(Working from a 'yes')

Most sites it's either on the top right, bottom left, or bottom right corners.

Now, we're working from Joe Schmoe who hasn't logged in.  Chances are he's not going to view the very bottom of the page, so that suggests upper right corner, perhaps on the same line as the main forum links.

For testing purposes, however, if we say that this is what such a feature would be used for, I would argue for placement in the bottom right corner, right under the PunBB copyright information.

Pull the currently installed styles into a dropdown (like how it's pulled on the Options page), have a 'preview'/'change'/'whatever' button, that refreshes the page with the new style.  You could have this display or not based upon a prefence in the admin area.

The alternative would be to have a page/plugin on the admin side that allows you to do this.  You would see a preview of the various pages, or various styles, and could preview stylesheets from there.

It removes this from the user's side, so they still have two/three clicks to preview a stylesheet (plus 2/3 more to go back), but it gives admins a useful tool at least ...

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style previewing is a total waste of space imo, to preview a style choose it...

for a style change drop down i would argue against the bottom right corner on the grounds that its for the copyright info not for forum stuff, what about opposite you are not logged in? seems much more obvious to me

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If there was a place where I could see images of previews of the default styles - okay, then I would agree with you.  However, until there is such a page, ...  I was thinking of doing something like this for my users, maybe I'll just do it.

You'd argue top right corner then - I suppose that makes sense to a point.  It seems like customization hits the top fairly hard, since, that's what people are going to see first (for the most part).  You certainly don't want to waste space here, and if style previewing is a total waste of space ...

I don't know, it's like my email provider -  Having a page where I can see the different styles would make any preview on the page worth far less than necessary.

EDIT:  I've done such for my boards.

Do you think having a link to such a page (although, of course, less bulky then what I've choosen to put them in - there are much easier ways to do this) that displays only the 'standard' styles would be helpful?

So, have a 'preview' link next to the option to select your forum style, that points to a single page (hosted on PunBB and created by PunBB) with something like the above...  I would argue that it would be nice to have...

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I have a somewhat related thread here. Change Styles

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Ooo, nice.  I'll have to try that out at some point soon-ish ...  Thanks for letting us know about the related posted big_smile


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I hacked up ALA's "Old" fontswitcher.js for instantly previewing stylesheets with a single click.
used it here without the cookie for just fonts... thats an old cheatsheet, need to update the script & markup smile

Theres a new improved one out now...



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can you explain how did you integrate tinyMCE into punBB.

I've tried, but failed sad