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I've made a bit of an arse of myself. I'm one administrator (of two) on a forum run by a friend, and I've locked myself out of it and into administrator mode. Only problem was, my computer crashed, therefore I can't get back in. Please tell me I'm doing something wrong, because the person who put up the forum is on holiday for two weeks, although I can contact him. Is there anway of setting the forum back into the usual mode, so that I can log back in? Thanks roll


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you need to go into php my admin and mess with the maintnance tables, i have had to do this twice o.o;;


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Do what now? Sorry, extremely confused at the moment!!

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Take a look in /extra. There is a script for turning off maintenance mode.

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Ah, great, thanks a lot smile


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there is!?!?!?!?!?!?! *looks*